John Muir 2018

Okay I know I said I was going to venture out on my thru-hike of the JMT 4 years ago, but hey, sometimes things in life change and opportunities arise that feel right to go in one direction opposed to another.

{enter a brief life story/}

2014 was the year I decided I would hike the JMT. I was researching, blog writing, gear reviewing, all of it. Then unbeknownst to me the most amazing human entered my life. I had gone through quite a bit in the few years prior; a death in the family, a divorce, getting used to life on my own again after 10 years. I surely wasn’t ready to be in a new relationship and never could have imagined that I would then 2 years later uproot and move to Colorado – away from California where I had grown up, made friends, had a great and stable career. And yet I’ve never been happier.

Now having lived in the beautiful landscape of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I’ve had this longing of getting back to the Eastern Sierras of California. I needed to hike the JMT.

{and we begin the story again}

I’m now in full swing planning to go this June/July over 3 weeks. Fortunately this time around I have an amazing support crew (and doggo) who will hike in my food drops (and hopefully some beer!) and hike/camp along with me for a couple of stretches throughout my journey. I’ve decided I will be posting entries here for those of you who’d like to benefit from the research (as I have from MANY before me) and/or be willing to offer tips and tricks (there’s ALWAYS more to learn!)

Thanks in advance for your support and I look forward to hearing from you all!