We all know it’s really about the food

The past couple of weeks I’ve been researching food options for the trail. Fortunately I won’t have the added complications of shipping out food drops since my wonderful partner will be hiking them in for me on a perfectly curated schedule (thanks Alex!) However the task of meal planning, labeling, and packing is still quite daunting.

I’ve found some great resources online through various blogs and Instagram posts; however I’m most excited about trying some of the recipes from a book I acquired some time ago called Lip Smackin’ Vegetarian Backpackin‘. This book contains “trail approved” recipes tested by the first guy, Brian “Flyin’ Brian” Robinson, to complete the Triple Crown of thru hiking (PCT, AT, CDT). Some of the recipes I look forward to trying are Rib-Stickin’ Ramen and Triple Crown Curry Couscous.

Also you guys I found the BEST trail indulgence. They’re called Packaroons (basically packable macaroons) and they are delightful! They come in several flavors like amaretto, lemon lavender, and BLACK ESPRESSO (can you say heavenly?!) I plan to pack one package in each of my resupply bundles as a special treat.

What are some of your favorite meals/snack/treats for the trail?

Happy hiking!

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