American Canyon/Dead Truck Trail

Today I was able to get out for a quick 2 hour hike near Georgetown in the Auburn State Recreation Area (about 30 miles East of Sacramento) on the American Canyon Trail.  This is a easy to moderate 5.3 mile loop trail with a great amount of shaded sections (great for the summer heat in Sacramento!)  And although I wasn’t able to find the trail that lead to the waterfall bragged about in my guide book, it was still a nice hike.  It covers some of the sections from the Western States Trail which hosts many annual races including horse and trail running.  This is a great beginning trail to take occasional hikers on; they won’t be bored and will have a decent challenge.  For more experienced hikers, this will be a breeze.  I look forward to more hikes in this area.

American Canyon Trailhead

American Canyon Trailhead

Hoboken Creek

Hoboken Creek

Wendell Robie Trail Marker

Wendell Robie Trail Marker


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